keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Towel guy

Cologne – Kassel – Hannover I am sitting here at Radisson Blu Hotel in Hannover having a HUGE salad and pizza. I had to reward myself after a long day. I started the interviews already yesterday in Cologne. Today Riku flew in and joined me for the Morning TV (Wake-up at 0530!!) and after that he flew back home and I continued alone again. It’s been super cool meeting the reporters and folks again. Many of them I met before on our previous trips and it’s so cool to see that some morning hosts from 5 years ago are the music chiefs of the station now ;) I am very tired after the wake-up, long traveling, interviews & my little shopping session in Hannover today, but I must write about this one thing that is bothering me a little bit and maybe someone can help me. I love Germany. I really do. Germans make the best cars in the world, they have supported us like little angels from the very beginning and I have nothing but good to say about them apart from this one thing. I went to the spa today to relax at the FINNISH sauna a bit before my dinner. I had forgotten my swim wear at home as I was packing in a hurry so I took a towel with me from my room, so people would not have to stare at my family jewels. I was sitting in sauna with my towel on and everything was nice. Nice steamy air and very hot. Exactly the way I like it. Then this couple, let’s say both 60 years old, came in fully naked, of course. I guess that is ok in Germany. In Finland that would not happen. It’s ok to be bathing naked with family or if the sauna is only for men or women, but this one was a public unisex place. I decided that I am not going to mind them at all, but as soon as they stepped in, they started staring at me and my towel as if I was an alien. They were both lying all over the place and especially the guy, who seemed pretty satisfied with his own “equipment,” was having his feet up against the wall and I was forced to close my eyes. Then after 2 minutes of silent relaxation together with the lovely couple, the woman said something very fast and almost angry to me in German “Sie können nicht….In Sauna…” And she was pointing at my towel. I said in English that I don’t speak German. They both looked very angry and obviously the point was that I shouldn’t wear a towel. Why? I stepped out after a few minutes because I felt totally unwelcome there. This thing has happened before. I remember some crew guys at a spa after one festival where the security had come in the sauna telling the guys to get naked. It’s not ok to sit inside with your pants on? So… can someone please tell me what the story is with showing your most sacred obstacles to everyone and how bad have I really been wearing a towel here? I meant no harm… I hope the “anti-towel-couple” will not come into my dreams tonight. The pick-up is 0930 in the morning, so I’d have time to sleep well. Have a good night everyone, where ever you are. With or without a towel ;) Samu

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